The Congregation is understood not as a society of pure and perfect persons but as a Hospital for sinners, as the Workshop of the Holy Spirit of God where He works to "Call, Gather, Enlighten, and  Sanctify" by the means of Grace: "The Word and Sacraments".

The Constitution of the ELCM of  Kenya


Becoming a living true confessional centrist Lutheran Church with the mandate for evangelism both here at home and internationally.

To consolidate our resources to enable our church grow by preaching,  teaching, evangelism and proper management of resources for the glory of God.

ELCM Dec 4, 2012 Amended Constitution and Bylaws.pdf

Join us as we do God's work in Christ's name for the life of the world.

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Lutheran church in the Mt Kenya region started back in 1991 by then Lutheran Heritage foundation director for Africa Dr Anssi Simojoki in the area of Meru north Nyambene zone.

Later in the 2003 there arose a big doctrinal conflict in the Anglican Church Diocese of meru where as a result, a team of pastors pulled out of the Anglican Church Diocese of Meru lend by Rev Bernard Kugeria who was by that time among the senior clergy in the Anglican Church Diocese of Meru and visited LHF office at Nairobi in Karen and requested to join the Lutheran community. Without hesitating the team was accepted. LHF did the catechism and liturgy training to these pastors as well as worked with them towards translations of liturgy and small catechism by Martin Luther into the native languages of Meru and Tharaka.

The churches marsh roomed within the Meru and Tharaka regions where many people appreciated the Lutheran church doctrine of good biblical foundation.

In 2007 in Kenya there was a country election which brought a post-election violence in 2008 where some animosity between the western and the eastern country communities erupted and the church was not exceptional in this. The church in the region felt threatened development wise and therefore sort for self governing possibility. The church continued as an independent church until 2013 when it registered as ELCM of Kenya. With a fellowship with a small church in North America called ELCM of North America.

ELCM of Kenya is an Autonomous registered religious organization operating in Mt Kenya region but with a mandate to evangelize globally

The Highest decision making organ is the Synod council with the representation from clergy and congregations.


As indicated in our Constitution article ii on the doctrinal foundation we hold canonical scriptures of the old and new testament as the immutable Word of God and as the only infallible rule and norm of faith and practice and we receive and holds the unaltered Augsburg confession and the small Catechism by Martin Luther as the correct exhibitions of the faith and Doctrine of our church as founded upon the word.